#2: Visit The Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Plant

Hannah Barth from Hannah in Motion
Snow, Photo by Hannah Barth

There’s a certain amount of harm we cause ourselves always being grown up and tampering our desires with reality.

At the urging of a couple books and online articles I’ve read in the past months, I finally started a Bucket List, or a list of things I want to do before I die. One of the reasons for starting this list was to re-energize; to remember that feeling of being a kid and wanting with abandon because it’s inspiring. There’s a certain amount of harm we cause ourselves always being grown up and tampering our desires with reality. That’s why most of us travel: to escape the everyday and feel like we’re checking off some of those things on our own Bucket Lists.

In writing out my wants I started listing things like “Gift wrap my own presents” and “Learn how to bake better” and my energy was suddenly doused by feelings of mediocrity. “Climb a mountain” and “Own a house abroad” were things that belong on a bucket list; things to be accomplished. But handicrafts and adult ed suddenly struck me as terribly mundane, and worse, even silly. What kind of a person would I be if I let my aspirations go the way of a Home Economics class and not out somewhere in the Wild Beyond?

Group shot Youngsters
Group of Youngsters, Photo by Hannah Barth

I’ve been living abroad for two years now, and fighting the desire to come home – to “settle” – in New England, is something I’ve been doing for a while and am only coming to terms with now. I’ve built my life upon being Hannah the Traveler and have given very little thought to who Hannah the Person is. But the truth is that I want to take a computer programming course and tend my own garden just as much as I want to safari in Africa and learn organic farming in the rain forest.

I think every person is equally formed by the experiences imparted on them as a child and by the experiences they chose themselves as an adult. My childhood took place in rural Maine. Its key players were a mother who loves her quaint little front porch and garden, a father who has no desire to venture past town lines, and an uncle who gave up the city life for a cabin without indoor plumbing in the woods.

…I have a real desire to check “Visit the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Plant” off my list.

These simplicities are as much a part of me as my decision as a teenager to study abroad in South America and my career move into a Turkish folk dance company in my twenties. Although I’m happy where I am now, living and working abroad, I have a real desire to check “Visit the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Plant” off my list.

About the author:

Hannah Barth is an extremely talented and multi-faceted young woman. She travels the globe on a journey of self-discovery and to immerse herself in the world that surrounds her. Hannah is literally always in motion.

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Discussion »

  • #1Greg

    Great post. You are absolutely right. As adults we get caught up in the day to day grind of everyday life. Most of us have forgot the huge ambitious dreams we had as children. The problem is we are programed to this type of life style. Life is short and we should all have a bucket list as you call it. The question is…. is the bucket half empty or is the bucket half full? —-Think about it—-

  • #2Hannah In Motion

    I like to think that as I check things off my bucket list I keep pouring new things in. As a kid I never cared about properly applying eye makeup (now on the list) but performing on Broadway has fallen off as I’ve grown older. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

  • #3Travel-Writers-Exchange.com

    Inspirational post! Many travelers probably forgot about creating a bucket list of places to see or goals to accomplish. You can get lost within your travels. Sometimes it’s good to come back to reality, at lease once in awhile.

  • #4Ardi

    Thank you very much for this superb post! I miss winter very much, especially the snow. At my country now we are experiencing the hot, hot summer and I can’t wait for the winter holidays. And the picture and the story as well are perfect!

  • #5Hannah In Motion

    @Travel-Writers-Exchange: I try to keep my bucket list as much about my life as about my travel. It actually helps me to remember that there are just as many amazing things to do when I’m NOT traveling as when I am. Thanks for reading.

  • #6Slice

    I have a big and deep bucket and it’s mostly about visiting places, I’d never thought of visiting where Ben & Jerry’s is made though! – Nice original post!

    - Slice

  • #7Aminata

    You’ve inspired me to create my own bucket list. I like that you are thinking about the simpler pleasures which can be as profound and inspiring as the more ostentatious!

  • #8Brad

    Great post, fun read. I just got back from visiting the Jelly Belly factory so I’ll have to add this next on my list.

  • #9Christian Rene Friborg

    This is a nice post, indeed. people should definitely travel more and discover the beauty of the world beyond what they usually see.

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