Why the Journey is Better When You Have Someone to Share it With

Riding a motorcycle in Iran

Riding a motorcycle through the streets of Yazd, Iran. Photo by kavanadb

Travelling alone has its advantages, of course. If you’re looking for maximum freedom to go where you desire, when you desire and in whatever way you desire, solo travel might be the right thing for you. But for many people, having someone along for the ride is indispensable.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll look a little at the How of travelling with someone: How to not kill your travel partner, How to negotiate with each other, etc. But today, we’re focusing on the Why. Check out why these travellers think travel is better when you have someone to share it with.

Bessie Crum from On Our Own Path

The “Man Forcefield” is a blessing for the solo female traveler.

The times I’d head out walking alone in the streets of San Salvador or Buenos Aires, I was greeted with whistles and cries of “mamacita, you’re the blood pumping through my veins.”  As I pondered the oddness of this compliment, I could laugh to myself about it, but of course there’s a limit to hearing this local form of flattery.

The journey is better when you have someone to share it with, because you get to be yourself and share yourself.

Walking with my husband however, I never got this sort of attention. He was like my forcefield from all male attention: no one seemed to notice me.  Why?  A guy (generally) won’t mess with another guy’s lady.  I remember back to earlier trips as a solo female traveler and was grateful that I usually had my husband by my side deflecting the male gaze.

Ant Stone from Trail of Ants

She’s my pillow. She’s my photographer. She’s my driver. She’s a neutral. She’s an excuse. She’s a reason. She’s my guidebook. She’s my security guard. She’s my bank. She’s my cook. She’s my alarm clock. She’s my view point. She’s my medicine. She’s my buckle. She’s my stranger. She’s my friend. She’s my watch. She’s my translator. She’s my pen. She’s my temple. She’s my dawn. She’s my vice. She’s my reassurance. She’s my adventure. She’s my muse. She’s my present day. She’s my plaster. She’s my drinking partner. She’s everything everyone else has written, and I find it impossible to find the words to describe what sharing this journey with her is like.

Solo travel also contains these things, but in a more wholesome and real manner. The journey is better when you have someone to share it with, because you get to be yourself and share yourself. Give a little, take a little. For me, that’s what travel is all about. For the record; She’s not the cat’s mother, she’s Reb and I met her in SW China while enjoying a sensational solo journey.

Dave and Deb from Canada’s Adventure Couple

To share a moment with someone when traveling is like no other. Enjoying that perfect sunset, catching a glimpse of a rare site or experiencing another culture is enhanced when you can share your excitement, laughter and opinions with someone.  Better yet, you can re-live the experience once you come home for years to come.

This is the first in a series of posts about couples travelling together.
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Having someone to share the journey with, keeps you from ever getting lonely.   At the end of the day when the excitement is still brewing you have a sounding board that can relate to everything you say.   You have someone by your side that cares about your opinion and what you’re talking about.  Not some stranger that is just waiting for you to finish speaking so that they can tell you about their latest adventure.

If you are afraid to try something, you may be more willing to give it a try if you have a partner beside you to give you courage.  When you are not feeling well, you have your loved one there to take care of you and give you the sympathy that you need, and when you are at the top of your game, you have that voice cheering you on.

Traveling together offers you two different outlooks on one destination making the experience richer in the end.

What about you? Do you think travelling with someone is better than going it alone?

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Discussion »

  • #1Mike

    I couldn’t agree more. While traveling alone, at least once, has some rewards and life changing experiences. There is nothing like traveling together as we have found out.

  • #2halle

    Well said! My hubby and I travel all over the globe. We are so alike that we both will only bring our bucky pillows and shades too. He has black and i have mums patterns. Too cute!

  • #3Akila

    I love traveling with my husband and, just as importantly, traveling together has made our marriage stronger and better. I actually just posted on this topic on our site.

  • #4Dave and Deb

    Great to hear that there are other couples out their that love traveling together. Before we started blogging we were wondering if anyone else enjoyed travel with their spouse.
    I agree, travel does make a marriage stronger and better. If you can survive travel in extreme situations, you can survive anything at home. Thanks for checking out the post.

  • #5Tara Winston

    I’d like to disagree with you. I, and a lot of people, say that it’s better to travel around alone.You meditate and go do and enjoy things you can’t do while you’re with someone.

    Tara Winston

  • #6travel to morocco

    for me i don’t like to travel alone, i always travel with either a friend or spouse, i figured out that better than traveling alone.

  • #7Jeniffer Craft

    well its allways better to travel with a friend cause two is company and that wht i have allways loved too.

  • #8Mamon Roy

    It depends up on individuals.Some like to go solo but overall there is so much advantage when you have someone along with you on tour. The most important aspect is safety which is taken care as you can help each other if things goes wrong.

  • #9Ejail Peterson


    Traveling is the best way for internment and spend our holidays.
    you have the more fun ,when you are traveling in a group ,you explanation your feelings together .alone traveling is a boring job.

    with regard
    Ejail Peterson

  • #10Mrugesh

    Traveling is same as life. Life is a journey and need a companion because after a little while it gets boring and lonely. We need a partner in traveling, if we have someone its better.

  • #11capetowntravel

    A picture is worth a thousand words but to share your travel experience with a loved one is priceless. I could not imagine myself travelling by myself. It does wonders for any relationship to take some time off from the “rat race” and enjoy quality time with your family. I’m making a point this year to travel and explore Cape Town, South Africa which is my home town before travelling elsewhere next year.

  • #12Anonymous

    Great article, I really enjoyed reading this. I would agree that there are advantages to traveling alone and with others. However, I think that proper planning of a trip will help you enjoy it more if you have an idea of what you want to do and where you’re going, it will be a more enjoyable trip no matter whom you are with.

  • #13Cecilia

    I don’t think solo or together is better, one way or the other. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
    I travel solo because I have no partner and because my friends have different tastes in holidays, and those few friends who have similar travel styles, already have other plans. I don’t let that stop me from going.

    I think one major advantage of travelling solo is it makes you so much more open to contact with others. On a bus you are automatically seated next to a stranger. A conversation starter for sure, whereas as a couple you tend to take two seats next to each other and talk to each other. And yes, the utter flexibility and freedom are great!
    People say: “but what if you get sick, you have no one to take care of you?” But I travelled with a friend once and we both got very sick at the same time and were no use to each other… :-)

    Of course sharing experiences is nice, especially remeniscing after the trip… but I still do that with friends I made while travelling too. It also depends on the travel partner as to whether sharing those experiences is fun or not. It can be quite a test on the relationship / friendship.

    Anyway, I conclude in the same way I started: one is not better than the other. Each has its pros and cons. (The same goes for organised groups, I guess….)

    Happy travels to all!

  • #14Jacob

    Nothing better than travelling alone, you are forced to meet new people and don’t have to worry about what other people want to do. great article.

  • #15Laurie

    Good article. To me travel style is a personal choice. I love traveling with my husband. I’ve met many who prefer to go it alone. I’ve personally never done a trip alone and I do feel like I’m missing something, but I wouldn’t give up the experiences I’ve had with my husband for anything.

  • #16Todd

    Great article, though I’m a little biased. This is exactly the reason we launched Globetrooper, because we love travelling with other people. Sure there are times when solo travel is character building, but most other times, travelling with others is much more rewarding and enjoyable (just my opinion of course). Lauren and I try to take it one step further by not just traveling as a pair, but we try to find other people to join as well.

  • #17Christian Rene Friborg

    I enjoy travelling more when I do it with my wife. I think it’s way better to enjoy a place or an activity when you can share it with someone

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