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AlexWillTravel.com: Hungary is Alex’s Classroom

With an education in accounting, management and international business, Alex Hoskinson discovered doing tax returns for a large company was – simply put – dreadful. It was his turning point to follow up on recommendations to teach English in foreign countries. He chose Hungary. The descriptions of his experiences are genuinely enlightening, plus you get a Hungarian word of the day!

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500 Places With Kids

‘Turning kids into travelers, one experience at a time.’ is a great lead-in for Anne Patrone’s site. Finding Frommer’s 500 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up (first edition) on a bookstore shelf set the wheels in motion and the explorations began in earnest. She and her husband, destination lists in hand, are now checking them off as they expand their children’s travel horizons.

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Fun As We Go…

Ashley Curtin is a transplanted New Englander now living in California. She is also a self-proclaimed seafood junkie. Whether seeking out shrimp or oysters on the half shell, her travels take her where she can satisfy her addiction and partake of those edible gems of the emerald oceans.

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Go, See, Write: Tales of Overland Adventure

Try covering 44 countries on 6 continents without ever having an airline boarding pass in hand at some point. This is exactly what Michael Hodson accomplished over a 16 month period. He may be a lawyer by trade but he’s a traveler at heart. After a stint back home, he’s “On the Road Again” and no doubt has Willy Nelson playing on his (mental) jukebox.

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Follow My Trail

Kelly Austria does have a day job (or two) but mountaineering fills her free time. What fills her soul – helping the children who live in those mountains by supplying aid to them. If there is a mountain to be trekked, there will be children along the journey in need of help. You’ll find Kelly there, doing both.

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“It is a time to reconnect with my spirit, nourish my soul, take care of my overall health and live freely.” That is how Despina Meris describes her latest travels as the hummingbird who’s favorite color is blue. She also admits to falling down stairs – something hummingbirds rarely experience… Regardless, her site is lyrical and rich with non-stair-related narratives.

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SeattleFlyerGuy’s All-Purpose Travel Blog

Planes, trains and automobiles… Oh wait, just make that planes when it comes to Nicholas and his mode of transportation preferences. This is a man who is very serious about his air travel. From terminals to in-flight meals to tips/tricks on bookings, Nicholas covers it all. He even takes time to comment on his destinations when he’s actually on the ground.

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The Khalerias

To quote: “Just in case you stumbled here by accident and dont have the first clue what a khaleria is….”, then let me explain. It is one part Sabeena Khan mixed with one part Ryan Galeria. Throw in a couple of backpacks, a camera (or two), give a quick stir and you have a photojournalistic adventure in the making.

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The Feral Scribe: Chronicles of a Wayfaring Journalist

Nathan Comp is not your ‘ordinary’ travel blogger. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for career reasons. He then became bored with a “prolonged period of profound tedium”. (Tedium tends to do that to people.) He is now traveling around America and possibly other places of the world. Regardless, his blog is enlightening, insightful and full of great stuff.

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Dear Lonely Planet… Because there’s no perfect guidebook to life

To call Eric Feldman’s site a bit eccentric would be an understatement. He gave up a life as an attorney to travel and become an activist for human rights. But, it is his view of the world and writing style that make this blog what it is – exceptionally entertaining. His words: “Eric purposefully throws himself into awkward situations in the hopes of having something interesting to later share with strangers at cocktail parties.” Cheers to that!

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Life II, The Sequel

Simon Cordall has had his obstacles – one of them being the loss of his sight. I don’t mean “insight or inner sight or even hind sight”. I mean his visual sight. Something we all take for granted. He quotes: “There comes a time in a man’s life when, to get where he has to go, if there are no doors or windows he walks through a wall.” For Simon this is true. He’s passed through the wall and has reclaimed his life – something he is now writing about in a very entertaining and insightful way.

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The journey started about 10 years ago for Steve and Jocelyn Broyles. They are on their fourth Sandcruiser (landcruisers with attitude) and still on the road. Okay, there have been stops in between but never for very long. Besides Calypso, their dog, they are joined periodically by an assortment of friends, family and other travelers. It’s been an interesting ride – or should I say drive. WOOF! (More can be found at Sandcruiser.com: Adventure Continues)

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“My life was content, meaningful, and secure.” writes Kate Convissor on her blog. But, she gave up (almost) everything for travel – except her dog Oreo. (He travels too.) Armed with a Dodge Durango and a 14-foot pull-behind camper trailer, Kate and Oreo hit the open road for places unknown. They may not know where they are going, but they’ll know it when they get there.

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Girl, Unstoppable

Mix travel, music, photography, “wanderful” words and posts designed specifically to inspire female travelers and you have Ekua Impraim’s ‘Girl, Unstoppable’. This site is chock full “wanderful” things, whether they be her blog entries or the other areas she has created. Her use of D.H. Lawrence’s quote sums it all up: “Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say and say it hot.”

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de la pura vida Costa Rica

So, you take a trip to Costa Rica and fall in love. For Erin Morris, it was a love for the country, it’s people and a man. While ‘that man’ is no longer in the picture, Erin, and her dog, have embraced CR as their home. She’s continually honing her photography talent, teaching English and exploring Central America as a whole.

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Luke Sewell had been living and working in the jungles of Costa Rica but, six months ago he decided to trade in the palm trees for a more conctrete jungle. He is now a Brit hiding out in Buenos Aires, Argentina and you can read about his ‘misdemeanors’ on his site.

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See Simi Travel Blog

Setting personal goals is something many of us do – Simi has been no different. About 10 years ago, she decided to cover 30 countries by the time she turned 30 years of age. She’s almost there. Sleeping (well, sort of) with baby alligators, participating in volunteer projects and contracting Dengue Fever have not crimped her style!

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Go Big or Go Home

Traci Suppa and her family may live in a ‘small’ town (no Starbucks coffee shop) but that does not stop them from thinking BIG. BIG as in road trips and the attractions found off those all-too-often-traveled beaten paths. Have you been to the “World’s Largest Dairy Store” or seen the “World’s Second Largest Garden Gnome”? Traci’s family has and there are more BIG things in their road-trippin’ future.

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Justin-Klein.com: Life of a Traveling Programmer

To say Justin Klein is a “diverse individual” would be an understatement. He is a contract programmer based in both Kyoto, Japan and Los Angeles, California. Something says he doesn’t spend much time in either place when looking at his travel map. His site’s subtitle – Life of a Traveling Programmer – definitely strikes hammer on nail.

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To Europe With Kids

Any website which includes a section on free toilets in Europe is worth it’s weight in gold – especially if you are traveling with children. Having been taken to Europe at age 3 by her mother, Sonja Key chose to follow suit. Though, she waited until her children were 6 and 9 years of age. Her blog is designed to help families find the fun, unusual and kid-friendly destinations, including those ever necessary free toilets.

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