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urban pilgrim

Lindsay Holmwood left the US for Bangkok as an Associated Press journalist in 2008. As does happen more often than not – life got in the way and she’s been living in Stockholm since 2009. (A move made in the name of love.) Her blog is a compilation of her North American, Asian and Swedish experiences, focusing on the little (and big) idiosyncrasies that that make life so entertaining.

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Kiwi Knights

Earlier this year (2010), two guys from New Zealand set out on a hike. Okay, not unusual for “Kiwis”. They seem to like hiking. But, this trek is somewhat unique as it follows the path of the Templar Knights which is not your normal modern-day quest. They’ve had their ups and downs – but, the real question is – will they succeed?

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Love & Paella

Love & Paella was “done birthed” by Sarah Gonski (her words) while she and her husband (The Mister) spent a summer traveling around Africa in 2008. After returning home, it did not take long to hatch a new travel plan – teaching the English language in Spain. The inclusion of food and humor add a great flavor to this site.

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LuxuryBackpacking: Backpacking & Independent Travel

Kassim Qureshi has created a site that caters to every type of person interested in traveling. Between his own memoirs, guest articles, recommendations, tips and just some fun miscellaneous stuff, LuxuryBackpacking will definitely tickle your travel bone. It’s sort of like your “funny bone” but better because it’s about travel.

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The Beerman Chronicles

Beer. It’s a wonderful thing. But, this particular Brew Master – yes, Kris Kalav is a Brew Master in the work-a-day world – prefers rum, martinis or the occasional umbrella cocktail. He has recently begun blogging about his various travels and some very interesting encounters. Oh, beer will be mentioned at some point. Brew Master…

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English Dad In Moscow

This site is brought to you by “Poo Vision, Inc.” – or so states the blog introduction. (Might just be true…) Jay is a British ex-pat living in Russia with his wife and young son. He is also a stay-at-home-dad. His entries are a mix of ex-pat tips, child-rearing “lessons learned” and “how tos” for creating a new life in Moscow – all with a humorous twist.

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Brendan Harding’s Trivial World of Travel

Whether traveling for pleasure or for any of his other endeavors, especially the Asante Kenyan Charity, Brendan Harding has taken (in his words) “snapshots of life in different places” and written about them. He is a writer, graphic designer, activist, singer in a band and all around “good guy” Check him out!

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Escape from Cube Land

Steve Skabrat admits he’s a “meat & potatoes” kind of guy. He’s also one who is ready to give up the “meat & potatoes” cube life for something more exciting. Hmmm… Could be travel… Well, only if he can find tasty food, figure out directions and how to leave the very large iguana statue to fend for itself.

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Marshmallow Sensei

To quote Matt Keighley, “Born in New Jersey, raised in Yorkshire, living in Japan. Don’t worry, I’m confused too.” That he may be but his blog is far from confusing. Rather, it is a very entertaining look at his life as a teacher and freelance writer in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. (His students call him the Marshmallow Sensei.)

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Broughin It

With a B.F.A. degree in photography hanging on one of his walls, Bryan Brough left those (U.S.) confines for S.E. Asia. Once home, the road called to him again. This time – a year in Australia, photographing and blogging about his travels. Where the road will lead him next – only time will tell.

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Conortje: an Irish crapologist on the move

Having been born on Pentecost Sunday, Conor believed that meant sainthood. Well, only to the age of six when he discovered differently. He was also an international rock mega-star – until his mother told him to go upstairs with his guitar and his songs. Now, he is traveling to see the world and writing about his new discoveries. He may just dust off that guitar again too.

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A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai

Mary Anne Oxendale has lived as an ex-pat for most of her adult life. She’s gone from backpacker to EFL teacher and has been blogging for quite a long time. Not only are her sites (yes, more than one) filled with wisdom and wit -emphasis on wisdom and wit – she still finds time to… TRAVEL! Oh, and pose with a bronze statue.

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An Ache For The Distance

Though he may not always admit to his nationality, Stuart Mathieson does admit he has a love for travel. His writing style is truly his own and makes for a wonderful read. Whether it’s checking out a WWII historical site – because he desperately needed to use the “facilities” – or Bollywood cinema just because, Stuart’s entries are delightful works.

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Heather and Scott’s Adventures: Van livin’ in New Zealand

So, you make the decision to leave the Northwest (US) for employment in Sydney, Australia. A bold move. But, not bold enough for Heather and Scott Matthews. Unhappy with “city life”, they buy a van, cull down their “stuff” and hit the road. After a year of van livin’ in OZ, they are now continuing their travels in New Zealand.

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Etsi milw gia sena kai gia mena

…Which, in Greek, means “And so I speak of you and of me”. Roxanne Krystali does just that as a Conflict Management Professional who has been helping women worldwide. Using her camera and the written word, she chronicles her work, thoughts, encounters, locations and oh so much more.

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The World According to Mitzie Mee

Mitzi Mee was glancing through her photographs of past trips when she decided to begin her website. It has now blossomed into a mix of blog entries, travel guide and workspace. Her “real world” job as an airline pilot definitely has kept Mitzi’s “travel bug” well fed.

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Jasmine Wanders

A single visit to a WalMart in Mesa, Arizona turned Jasmine Stephenson’s life around. As with many who choose to travel, the “white picket fence” lifestyle of home was not appealing so she sold her possessions and headed to New Zealand. Her blog is a mix of narrative writing, video diaries and photographs detailing her continued wanderings of this world.

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Drifting Aimless: Alone Around the World

In 2009, “Drifter Vagabond” started his blog with the best intentions to update it regularly, post photographs, thoughts and observations as he travels across the world. He has certainly held up his end of the bargain with a style and flare that is uniquely his own. His ongoing travel tales will surely keep one coming back again and again.

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From DC To Delhi

While planning a 3 month backpacking trip, Lena Jackson made a proverbial 180 degree turn in her thought process. Why just wander through various countries when she could use the time working to become a filmmaker. With this new mission in hand, Lena left Washington D.C. and headed for Delhi. Her blog is a recounting of her experiences as she journeyed through S.E. Asia and beyond..

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James’ Travel/Adventure Blog

“Eight months ago if you had asked me anything about social networking or Flickr, not to mention Twittering, you would have received a blank stare of ignorance.” writes James Handlon in his first blog entry. Much has changed over those months as James has written about his trip to India and hiking around the United Kingdom. His adventures are just beginning.

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