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The thought of having to settle for the typical American “work-a-day” world gave Dana Newman the heebie-jeebies. Her cure: packed belongings and a one-way ticket to the Czech Republic (her ancestral homeland). Her adventure: finding living quarters, employment and exploring the world around her. It appears Dana has gotten what she asked for… So far…

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    I happened upon your blog through a travel blog site. Just wanted to
    comment on a few things.

    1) You’ve got guts, girl! To just drop everything and leave to an
    unknown country not having any real set plans. I did something similar,
    but within the U.S., not to a totally different country!!

    2) It’s nice to read about an experience(travel blog) in which the
    writer is a normal person who is scared to death upon arrival(ie running
    out the back door of the restaurant in Prague). I read so many travel
    blogs in which the writer/traveller is so confident and travel savvy
    that it’s hard for me to relate to their experiences. I totally relate
    to your anxiety reading your Prague posts. Although, I’ve now travelled
    to over 20 countries myself and it does get easier over time, I still
    get nervous and anxious when trying to speak a different language,
    learning new customs and trying not to offend the locals.

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