100 Sporting Events You Must See Live: An Insider’s Guide to Creating the Sports Experience of a Lifetime

World Cup

…I thought “Uh-uh, not for me”. I’m not a big fan of sporting events.

When I received the offer to review this guide book, I thought “Uh-uh, not for me”. I’m not a big fan of sporting events. But, I took time to read down the list of things covered and discovered – I was a fan in a roundabout way. I love racing, whether it be cars or horses or camels. I have reconnected with golf as I’ve gotten older and I fully believe in the Special Olympics. What really captured my attention were the unusual items – such as the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City and the Calgary Stampede in Canada. I love dogs and rodeos too. Obviously, I decided to check this guide out for myself. I was pleasantly surprised at the contents.

About The Author:

Robert Tuchman has spent his career in the sports industry. With a degree in broadcast journalism, he began by working for Sports Phone. A mere three years later, he became founder and president of TSE Sports & Entertainment based out of New York. He has spent a great deal of his time sitting in old bleacher seats, watching almost every sporting event imaginable and compiling information for this guidebook.

The Review:

Nathans Hotdogs
Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest courtesy of Things to See in NYC

If you are into any type of sports then 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live is the guide book for you. The list includes the basics – The World Cup (soccer), Ryder Cup (golf), French Open (tennis), along with a host of others. But, it also includes the unique – Nathan’s Annual International Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York City (hot dogs), the Iditarod Dogsled Race in Alaska (real dogs), the Running With The Bulls in Spain (no dogs, just big angry pot roasts on four legs) and the Beanpot Hockey Tournament (no dogs or angry pot roasts but lots of ice).


Typical of any guide book, each event is broken down into sections. Mr. Tuchman gives a brief description of the event’s significance. He then moves on to the type of person who attends, ticket information, available accommodations, eateries and travel packages. He ends each one with “Notable quotes” and related website links. A quote example: “Until you go to Kentucky and with your own eyes behold the Derby, you ain’t never been nowhere and you ain’t seen nothin’!” – Irvin S. Cobb (American author and columnist) commenting on the Kentucky Derby. I think Mr. Cobb may be right. I know the Kentucky Derby is on my “bucket list” and has been for years. But, back to the book… The sections concerning each sport’s significance are also filled with historical information and interesting factoids. Many of them unknown to even the most avid of sports connoisseurs, who, unlike myself, usually know a lot about sports – or at least particular sports.

Again, this is a great book for any enthusiast or as a gift to that friend/family member who is glued to every sports channel out there. I do think the World Series of Poker should have been included. But, then it would have been the 101 Sporting Events. Guess there has to be a cut-off point somewhere. Maybe it’ll show up in the “sequel”. Finger’s crossed.

Editor’s notes: This article contains affiliate links.

Buy now on Amazon: 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live: An Insider’s Guide to Creating the Sports Experience of a Lifetime

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  • #1Elle

    This book sounds pretty cool. As an avid sports fan, I love attending different arena’s and sporting events around the globe. One of the greatest spectacles was the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco earlier this year – highly recommended!!

  • #2Bude

    As an avid football supporter, I have always been interested in the matches between Boca Juniors and River Plate in Argentina.

    They are the most successful teams in Argentina and have a massive rivalry. Games in South America are usually exciting with a lot of goals so I’d like to go and see this game one day.

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