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Cover to Cover: A Passports with Purpose Interview

As many of us know, the initial phase of the 2011 Passports with Purpose fundraiser has begun. This year’s goal is to raise $80,000 and build two libraries in Zambia. Recently, I had the privilege of conducting a Q&A session with Pam Mandel and the founders of Passports with Purpose. So, without further ado…

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Sprouts en Route

Kristin Spencer and her husband are on a mission, one dictated by a ‘higher power’. Wherever they go – so go the ‘sprouts’ (aka their 2 young children). In fact, they are missionaries who’s serves having them traveling the world and it’s a family endeavor. Enjoy the entries of their adventures and the tips on [...]

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It’s on the Meter

A 19 year old London black cab, 3 friends, the British Red Cross and the Guinness Book of World Records -what do they all have in common? Normally nothing. But, in this instance – everything. Three friends decided to drive a London black cab from – you guessed it, London to Sydney, Australia – raising [...]

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Girl, Guy, Globe

Life was nice and easy in the US for Rachael and Josh. Then, Josh’s employers gave him the opportunity to work abroad – in Dakar, Senegal to be exact. Rachael being a freelance writer/photographer made the decision to move that much easier. So, they packed up their belongings, including two dogs and headed off to [...]

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The World of Nickolândia

From Chicago’s hot dogs to Brazil’s BBQ to Scotland’s microwavable Haggis to Ethopia’s massive mangos, you’d think this was a foodie travel blog – but it’s not. Instead, it’s about Nick Bartlett’s cultural encounters as he travels. He may not ride a camel across the Sahara but he does eat well. He also enjoys his [...]

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Man On The Lam

“Tall tales and tasty tidbits served with a dash of sarcasm…” is how Raymond Walsh describes his site. The tales may be tall but also true. The tasty tidbits are tantalizing (to say the least) and extremely useful. Having traveled the world over under his previous employment positions, he now travels on top of it [...]

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The ‘Art’ of Blogging: A Commentary

Once in awhile I notice someone doing a particular task and wonder, “Why are they doing such a thing? Is it for monetary gain, self-fulfillment or something completely different?” These questions kept popping up prior to and following the TBEX ’11 conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) this past summer.

For those of you not familiar with TBEX and their conferences – it is the Travel Blog Exchange and their conferences bring travel-related bloggers, writers and media professionals together – explaining how everyone can ‘up their game’. There is a wealth of information to be gained during the sessions, but it’s not always everyone’s cup of tea.

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The ‘Art’ of Blogging: A Panel Discussion

There was a time when blogging was a bright and shiny new outlet where people would voice their personal opinions on any topic that caught their attention. In a proverbial blink of an eye, blogs became ‘tailored’ to fit particular demographics – politics, travel, etc. Bloggers began to realized they could actually earn income (large or small) from the works they produced. But, there are a great number of bloggers that do not follow the money trail. I wanted to know why. So, I chose a small group of people and asked two simple questions…

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Full Course Travel

Some people like the white picket fence, the dog, the job and the kids lifestyle. No so for Chais and Shawna Meyer. They’re out to explore something others have been known to fear – the world outside their own comfort zones. Join them as they feast on the delicacies only found through travel and following [...]

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Snaps & Blabs

Geri and her husband consider themselves vagabonds who are traveling around the world on a shoestring budget. Oh, let’s not forget – with their three young children right there with them. The website is a mix of home life and travel experiences rolled into one big package with little peanut butter fingerprints all over the [...]

  • The Guy: I think Dave and Jodi raise some very valid points and they are consistent with my perceptions based on over...
  • Jay Daviot: Epic list! There are some great blogs there. Would love to see a few more blogs from photographers though...
  • John: I’ve always wanted to hitch hike across the USA.
  • Sara Wikoff: I found your post very interesting. I am just a Freshman in college and I have not decided my major yet....
  • John: Great advice, I always buy charcoal tabs in case I get an upset tummy.
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