13 Epic and Slightly Crazy Travel Adventures

Many people dream of going on big adventures; only a few ever do it. For this article, I found 13 individuals, couples and families who had the guts to embark on epic adventures. You may envy them, or you may think they’re crazy. But I guarantee that their stories will inspire you.

Karl Bushby: Walking around the world

Karl Bushby is attempting to break world records by walking around the world. He set off from South America in 1998, walked north to Alaska and walked across the frozen Bering Straits (the first man to do so) into Russia. That alone took 8 years, and Karl has been delayed in Russia with visa problems for the last two years. Ultimately, his aim is to end up in London. By that time, he expects to have been walking for 14 years, with over 36,000 miles covered. Visit his website: Goliath Expedition.

Manon Ossevoort: Traveling by tractor from the Netherlands to South Africa and onto the South Pole

Tractor in Egypt

Manon Ossevoort’s tractor in Egypt.

Manon Ossevoort is a theatre maker and actor from the Netherlands who is travelling from the Netherlands to South Africa by tractor. Along the way, she is collecting the dreams of people she meets (on pieces of paper). From South Africa, she will travel by boat to Antarctica, where she will continue on foot or by tractor to the South Pole. Here, she plans to build a snowman and place the pieces of paper containing people’s dreams in the belly of the snowman. She is also raising money for War Child. Visit her website here.

Becky Sampson: Travelling by horse from London to Tokyo.

From London to Tokyo, by horse. Becky Sampson and her piebald pony, Bertie’s Quest, are setting out on a 15,000 kilometre, four-year quest through Western and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, China and Japan. Becky is aiming to raise £15,000 for SOS Children, an organization that works to provide safe places for orphan children to live and grow. Her journey is slated to begin in February 2009. Visit here website: Expedition Equus.

Ted Simon: Motorcycled around the world, twice

Back in 1977, Ted Simon set off on a 4-year motorcycle journey through Africa, the Americas, New Zealand, Australia and across Asia into Europe. He covered 78,000 miles on a 500cc Trumph. 25 years later, at the age of 70, he did it all again. He’s written books about both his journeys, which you can order from his website, Jupitalia.

Fire at Torres de Paine, Chile.

Fire at Torres de Paine, Chile. Photo by Marlis Seelos.

Kinga Freespirit: Hitchhiked around the world

In 1998, Kinga Choszcz and her husband Chopin set off with $600USD and hitchhiked around the world for five years. Their amazing journey took them through the Americas, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Russia before culminating in Europe. She wrote a book about the experience called Led By Destiny. In 2005, Kinga again set out, this time to Africa. Sadly, she died from malaria in Ghana in 2006. Read about her earlier adventures on her GeoCities website, or her more recent ones here.

Christoph Rehage: Walking from China to Germany

Christoph Rehage is walking from China to Germany, a journey that will take at least two years. After almost a year, he’s still making his way through China. He writes about his trip on his website, The Longest Way.

Frank Muldowney: Pushed an empty wheelchair across Australia

Frank Muldowney with Harvey

Frank Muldowney with Harvey

Frank Muldowney pushed a wheelchair containing his invisible friend “Harvey” from Perth to Sydney, a 4,000 mile journey undertaken to achieve world peace. Visit his website: Believing in Harvey.

Tim Cope: Travelled by horse from Mongolia to Hungary

Tim Cope followed in the footsteps of Ghengis Khan and travelled 10,000 kilometres by horse from Mongolia to Hungary. The journey took him over three years. Visit his website: Tim Cope Journeys.

Colin and Julie Angus: Completed the first human-powered cirumnavigation of the globe

In 2004, Colin Angus, his fiancée Julie Wafaei and someone else (the website doesn’t say who) took off from Vancouver and began a two-year cycling, skiing, canooing, hiking and rowing trip that became the first human-powered circumnavigation of the globe. They’ve done other similar adventures, which you can read about on their website: Angus Adventures.

Rory Stewart: Walked across Afghanistan in 2002

Rory Stewart may not have covered as much distance as some of the other people mentioned here, but consider where he was walking and when. He wrote a book about his adventure called The Places in Between, which you can order from his website: Rory Stewart Books.

The Vogels: Cycling from Alaska to Argentina

The Vogels are a family of four (mom, dad and ten-year old twin boys) cycling the full length of the American continent over 2 and 1/2 years. Read about their adventures on their website: Family on Bikes.

The World by Road: Driving from New Zealand to New York

OK, so they’re not driving all of that, but The World By Road expedition crew are on one very big road trip. So far, they’ve driven through Australia, Asia, Russia, Europe (including far north Scandinavia), Africa and South America. After over 50,000 miles and a year and eight months, they’re on the home stretch. Check out their website: The World By Road.

Amy and Wim: Cycled from Belgium to China for their honeymoon

Now isn’t that romantic? After tying the knot, Amy and Wim rode from Belgium to China, covering almost 11,000 kilometres. Read about their journey on their blog: Amy and Wim.

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Discussion »

  • #1Sam Daams

    Wow, some very inspirational trips there!

  • #2Car Hire South Africa

    Wow, makes you think about how boring regular organized tours are in comparison. I love the idea of doing something completely different.

  • #3Dan Roberts

    Kiwi Rob Thomson recently completed skateboarding around the world: http://travelgeneration.com/blog/2008/10/an-incredible-journey-ends-switzerland-to-shanghai-by-skateboard/

    All of these are so inspirational, when I struggle just to do the daily grind.

  • #4jasonA


    Small typo: Chopin, like the musician, not Choping… Wait, they were married?

    Also check out Jim Rogers’ adventures. World by bike, then again (on film, with wife and crew) in a custom mercedes 4×4 convertible.

  • #5Tom


    And we are just traveling the world with common transport and have trouble organizing it. Must have been trouly hard but a big victory on these trips!

  • #6Visit Dubai

    i read some of the most inspiring trips here. I am feeling like to pack my bags and experience atleast one of them!!

  • #7TechFreak

    Hey.. Thats a really crazy adventure. Will go to atleast one place listed above

  • #8OldSchoolBill

    Different is good & these are way different & I LIKE THEM!!

  • #9thecandytrail


    Greetings from La Moskitia, remote northern coast of Nicaragua.

    Maybe you might find me also alittle crazy as a traveler as I been on the road as a lone nomad across the world for the past 21 years … and had many crazy travels – from hitching the Sahara desert from Algeria to Niger, and from England to India, to being arrested as a spy in Saddam´s IRAQ, to being drugged, abducted and robbed in Siberia, Russia … and much more.

    Regards – MRP AKA the candy trail …

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  • Jay Daviot: Epic list! There are some great blogs there. Would love to see a few more blogs from photographers though...
  • John: I’ve always wanted to hitch hike across the USA.
  • Sara Wikoff: I found your post very interesting. I am just a Freshman in college and I have not decided my major yet....
  • John: Great advice, I always buy charcoal tabs in case I get an upset tummy.
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