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Women crossing lake on bamboo scaffolding.
Women crossing lake on bamboo scaffolding by HepzOliver


I sit here in my little “home office” staring at 3 monitors most every day. As I do, I also think about the world around ME. The things that I would like to have repaired – my sagging porch, my leaky garage roof, my leaky laundry room roof and replacing a 13 year old Neon with 230,000 miles on it. But, when it comes to the “bigger picture”, all of that is trivial. Though my roofs may leak, I have one (well, more than one). Though my car is old, I have one. I live a life of luxury compared to so many others. That statement alone brings me back to reality and…

I had not been aware of Passports With Purpose until coming onboard as Editor of earlier this year. Okay, I still was not aware of it until a couple of months ago. Though I have been very involved with another organization – – PwP was new to me. Not any more.

This year, they are building a village in Tamil Nadu, India – but need your help. The goal – $50,000 and I know they will succeed.

Debbie Dubrow, Pam Mandel, Beth Whitman and Michelle Duffy are the driving forces behind this charity. It was started in 2008 when they connected with Heifer International. The goal was to help alleviate hunger and poverty worldwide. Passports With Purpose raised $7,800 for the project. In 2009, PwP teamed up with American Assistance for Cambodia, raised $30,000 and helped build a school equipped with much-needed amenities. This year, they are assisting LAFTI in building a village in Tamil Nadu, India – but need your help. The goal – $50,000 and I know they will succeed.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal by joffre

When most of us in the “first world” nations (yes, those with money) think of India, our thoughts usually conjure up images of the photo to the left. The Taj Mahal, large Buddhas and any number of iconic sites and landmarks we’ve read about or visited ourselves. Rarely do we envision the photo to the right and below – unless we’ve been on that train traveling past the non-existent villages along the rail’s route. I see the questioning of “non-existent” villages – if someone lives there, it is a village. No, it is not. Any number of inadequate living quarters, even in close proximity, do not make a true village, only something remotely considered shelter. With that thought in mind…

Treinreis Delhi-Jaisalmer
Treinreis Delhi-Jaisalmer by go-india

In the first 24 hours following the kick-off, PwP had already raised approximately $30,000!! Do not let this dissuade you from contributing. The more contributions, the more real housing that will be built. That’s a fact. Taken from the PwP website: “…we will build a village in India, providing homes for those that had never hoped to have a roof over their heads!” As mentioned earlier, I have a roof but so many do not. This is the time to rectify that situation for (at least) a small population of people. If everyone pulls together we can become “One Nation” and make a difference. To reiterate, this year, Passports with Purpose is working with LAFTI, an NPO, to make a difference for the disenfranchised Dalit caste. For more information on LAFTI, please see: LAFTI: Land for Tillers’ Freedom.

So, rather than give you statistics that you can find on the other sites, let me just give you the details on how you can connect, submit, donate and be part of the program. Oh, I’ll also tell you what TravelBlogs has added to the prize mix.

Rajasthan Udaipur Construction Workers
Rajasthan Udaipur Construction Workers by Edward CastaƱo

Bloggers: Procure a prize and it will be placed in a random drawing. (No donation to LATFI required.) Winners will be chosen on December 17th and posted on the Passports with Purpose website.

Donors to LATFI: Check out the Passports with Purpose Donation page. Make your bids!

TravelBlogs Prize

A 100 Euro voucher usable through the Budget Accommodation area of

Guidelines and Restrictions:
*The recipient must be a PwP participating blogger.
*The voucher is non-transferable without the consent of (Administrators).
*The voucher will expire December 17, 2011.
*An expiration date extension may be available for extenuating circumstances and the request for such an extension is received by the Administrators prior to December 17, 2011.

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