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The 5 Dollar Debate

Everyone knows that five dollars in your pocket in New York has a vastly differing real value compared to if you were in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The value of a dollar varies impressively throughout world economies, and has a powerful effect on entire continents.

The value of a currency is a powerful representation of the inequality and disparities in purchasing power across the world. It not only highlights the abstract notion of money itself through its huge variability in value but also underlines the struggle for developing countries with weak currencies to receive imports essential for development and growth.

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Luke Sewell had been living and working in the jungles of Costa Rica but, six months ago he decided to trade in the palm trees for a more conctrete jungle. He is now a Brit hiding out in Buenos Aires, Argentina and you can read about his ‘misdemeanors’ on his site.

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Seashells & Sunflowers

Katie Alley has given up her life as a Philly girl (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) to become an ex-pat in Argentina. (Okay, that’s quite a change in climate!) Her blog not only covers the transition, but also the revelations brought on by such a move. Ooohhh, and there is a recipe section for all of the foodies [...]

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The Jetpacker

Bret and Jackie are not your typical traveling couple. They are two friends who enjoy each other’s company as they share adventures together. Their blog, The Jetpacker, is not only informative but filled with wry humor, entertaining commentary and just plain fun to read. So, strap on that jetpack!

Travel Guy

After spending 11 months in Ecuador volunteering as an English teacher, Jon Brandt is back in the US biding his time before his next trip. Destination: Buenos Aires.

Marisa and Izzy’s Blogsite

Izzy and Marisa set out in September on a round-the-world trip together, scarcely eight months after they first met. Their journey has taken them through the United States and South America, while they have contemplated their lives and their relationship. This week, Marisa heads back to Mexico to work, while Izzy will continue on the [...]

Travel and the Financial Crisis: What Argentines Have Taught Us About Survival

Here I sit in the patio of a café in Buenos Aires’s small but vibrant Chinatown, dunking a biscotti into a cup of espresso, an indulgence enjoyed underneath the simple pleasure of a tree’s leafy shade. Life is good. The smells of cocina asiatica waft through the air, and the Spainese mix the cooks speak drifts out through the window. It is hot, hot-hot-hot, but the waiter has brought me two glasses of sparkling water and an extra biscotti as a treat to beat the heat. And it’s working.

At my feet lay the shopping bags holding my boyfriend Nick’s Christmas present: spicy curry powder, dried basil, ground paprika, whole wheat flour, chocolate, home-made granola, and micro-brewed beer. So much less than I would like to give him—our careers here as English teachers do not leave us flush with cash.

Southern Cone Travel

Wayne Bernhardson is an expert on Argentina, Chile and Patagonia, having written the Moon Handbooks for all three (as well as Buenos Aires).

On Our Own Path

Bessie and Kyle are on a year-long trip from Mexico to the southern-most tip of Argentina, where they plan to pick up work and continue travelling even longer.

Palabras de Portenos

Nick and Sarah quit their jobs in the US and moved to Buenos Aires to teach English. On their blog, they share their experiences living and working in Argentina through lovely photography and writing.

  • The Guy: I think Dave and Jodi raise some very valid points and they are consistent with my perceptions based on over...
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  • John: I’ve always wanted to hitch hike across the USA.
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  • John: Great advice, I always buy charcoal tabs in case I get an upset tummy.
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