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Karie and Scott

In 2007, Karie and Scott sold most of their stuff in the United States and flew to Barcelona without a place to live. Their blog chronicles their adventures living in Barcelona and travelling around Europe. (Interview with Karie and Scott)

Overland Tales

Steve James hit the road back in 2005 on a ‘Round the World trip. After returning, it didn’t take long for his feet to get itchy again, so in November 2007 he set out on a ‘wintry overland odyssey’ from Europe to East Asia. (Interview with Steve)

Honeymoon Bike Ride, from Europe to Asia: Interview with Wim and Amy Meeussen

A butt-wrenching bike ride from humble Belgium, southeast across Europe and Asia, finally ending up in China… How's that for a romantic honeymoon?

Amy and Wim are an American-Belgian couple who decided to go all out for their honeymoon. Since August 2007, they have been riding their bikes across Europe and Asia. So far, they have cycled some 8,700 kilometres, but there's more to come as they ride the final stretch from Laos to China.

In this interview, which was cross-posted on Travellerspoint, Amy talks about why the inspiration behind their epic bike ride and the experiences they've had on the road.

Adventure in Europe: Interview with Scott and Karie

Scott and Karie first decided that they wanted to live overseas five years ago, shortly after getting engaged. In late 2007, they finally took the plunge, selling almost everything they owned and hopping on a flight to Barcelona. For the next year, Barcelona is their home base as they explore the rest of Europe.

TravelBlogs had the opportunity to catch up with them and learn more about why they decided to do this trip, how they saved money, and their experiences on the road so far.

The Big Walk

In 2003, Paul and Helen Webster set off on a 4,000 mile walk across Europe. Years later, Paul is blogging about the journey, which raised money for an environmental charity. (Interview with Paul)

4,000 Miles Across Europe – on Foot: Interview with Paul Webster

In 2002, Paul Webster set off with his wife Helen on an epic 4,000 mile walk from Spain to Turkey. Years later, Paul is reliving the journey on his blog, The Big Walk, which also raises funds for an environmental charity.

TravelBlogs exchanged emails with Paul and learned more about the walk and the impact it had on his and Helen's lives.


Blogshank is the illustrated travel blog of Mike Smith. Mike spent 3 months travelling overland from London to Singapore and another 6 weeks in New Zealand – all of which he relates through simple, creative drawings. (Interview with Mike)

Euros Ate My Dollars

Ben and Brittany are two 25-year olds on an unscripted trip around the world. Taking their time in each place, they’re planning to make their way through destinations in Europe and Asia before returning home to Virginia after 8 months. (Interview with Ben and Brittany)

Euros Ate My Dollars: Interview with Ben and Brittany

Occasionally, I receive an email from a reader suggesting I check out a new blog. A while ago, one reader strongly recommended Euros Ate My Dollars, the entertaining travel blog of Ben and Brittany, a couple from the United States on an 8-month trip through Europe and Southeast Asia. Ben and Brittany have just arrived in Thailand after spending the past six months working their way through Greece, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

They were happy to tell me a bit more about their trip so far, why they decided to do it in the first place, and what it's like travelling as a couple.

An Illustrator’s Travel Blog: Interview with Mike Smith

Since TravelBlogs launched in September last year, I've had the opportunity to discover many great travel blogs. Without fail, the bloggers behind these blogs have one key characteristic: they are all excellent storytellers.

Mike Smith is up there with the best, but his approach is unusual. A graphic designer and illustrator by trade, Mike decided the best way for him to share his travel tales was by doing what he does best: drawing. His blog, Blogshank, features illustrations he drew while travelling with his girlfriend from London to Singapore and through to New Zealand late last year.

In this interview with TravelBlogs, Mike shares why he decided to blog through illustrations and what the advantages and disadvantages of this approach are. He also tells us more about travelling overland through Europe, Asia and New Zealand.

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