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Mind the Flash

Japanese people have mastered the camera pose. Crafted it into a fine art and bequeathed it unto their young in such a fashion that one might even begin to think it genetic, a biological imperative perhaps, an evolutionary tweak that has emerged along with the technology it is bonded to. Because in the mere instant one has to pose correctly for a photograph, the Japanese are already there, two fingers held aloft in a peace sign yelling, “cheezu!” Meanwhile, I’m blinking like a deer in headlights, stunned by the blast of camera flash.

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Marshmallow Sensei

To quote Matt Keighley, “Born in New Jersey, raised in Yorkshire, living in Japan. Don’t worry, I’m confused too.” That he may be but his blog is far from confusing. Rather, it is a very entertaining look at his life as a teacher and freelance writer in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. (His students call him the [...]

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On Reikalein, Christine Syrad describes herself as a “half-British, half-Japanese girl learning to comfortably straddle more than one culture”. So true as she has now taken up residency in Switzerland and is attempting to learn the German language. Viel Erfolg!

The Backpack Foodie

Let the salivation begin. Daniel and Helene are on a one-year journey through Asia, the Middle East and Africa, inspired by the principle that “to taste someone’s food is to know the flavor of their life.”

Nick’s Worldwide Wanderings

Nick Rennic is a young British guy on a leisurely journey through Asia with one simple purpose: to have his eyes opened even in the slightest.

The Little Travelers

Angelina is a gutsy mum who’s taken her two young daughters on trips to Japan, Bali, the British Isles and, most recently, Iran.

  • The Guy: I think Dave and Jodi raise some very valid points and they are consistent with my perceptions based on over...
  • Jay Daviot: Epic list! There are some great blogs there. Would love to see a few more blogs from photographers though...
  • John: I’ve always wanted to hitch hike across the USA.
  • Sara Wikoff: I found your post very interesting. I am just a Freshman in college and I have not decided my major yet....
  • John: Great advice, I always buy charcoal tabs in case I get an upset tummy.
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