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The Jetpacker

Bret and Jackie are not your typical traveling couple. They are two friends who enjoy each other’s company as they share adventures together. Their blog, The Jetpacker, is not only informative but filled with wry humor, entertaining commentary and just plain fun to read. So, strap on that jetpack!

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Sereia Rides Again

What started off as a sailing trip in the South Ocean has turned into an exploration of New Zealand in an old beat-up van for this family of three. Antonia, the family scribe, is a great storyteller, sharing their tales with a dry, witty style.

Alison Travels

Alison quit corporate America for a life on the road. Along for the ride is Max, her dog and companion as she travels around the USA writing and taking photographs.

9000 Miles

This summer, Scott Shetler set out to travel around the USA in a van for four months. His blog is an entertaining and personable record of his adventures along the way.

Late, For Nowhere in Particular: A Reflection

Rolling down some back-road cloaked in the bliss of anonymity, one arm in contact with the wheel at the point that encourages my wrist to flop carefree at the end of it, head bobbling to a slow rhythmic beat that doesn’t match my rousing vocal accompaniment to Life is a Highway that’s cranked up so loud it’s oozing from the Yukon like displaced mortar, I come across this.

Summer Family Road Trips

This could be the year of the family road trip. The summer of 2009 may go down in history as the summer we rediscovered the open road as the solution for the conflicting need of a much needed break coupled with the lack of ability to spend on a foreign vacation destination; the need for frugality versus the promise of rejuvenation. With fuel prices being the lowest in 4 years, and vacation budgets being a non-factor in a lot of Americans minds right now, the stage is set for summer family road trips to be the boon.

Since we’ve covered thoughts and tips on solo road trips, let’s talk about ways to extend the initial promise of the nostalgic memories that Dads everywhere seem to dreamily envision as they herd the brood into the family sedan for a view of roadside Americana.

Trans-Americas Journey

In April 2006 Eric Mohl and Karen Catchpole set out on an epic cross-country, cross-continental road trip through North America, Central America and South America. Three years and 96,000 miles later, they’ve covered the USA and Canada and are now making their way south through Mexico.

13 Tips on Planning Your Solo Road Trip

So you’re at least considering a solo road trip? Good! First, realize it’s not brain surgery. The logistics are simple, subjective, and subject to change – a beautiful thing. And keep in mind, SOLO road trips and road trips have little in common in the way of either experience or preparation.

Now that we’ve covered the touchy-feely side of solo travel, let’s talk about the practicalities, most of which revolve around safety. Until 2007 my solo road trips were taken in a 1994 Mazda MX-6. No 4-wheel drive, no GPS, no OnStar, no AAA membership, and just enough clearance to not be a turtle killer. And I had a fantastic time, no matter what happened, and a lot happened.

Why You Should Go On A Solo Road Trip

In the United States, we’re a nation teetering on social burn-out. The multitude of devices designed to bind us together like links in a chain has made it difficult to go to the bathroom and be alone. Articles on efficiency are prolific: how to cut a minute off some task, make your morning shower more efficient, and speed up this or that. And yet I know more discontented people than ever. When the pundits start messing with your morning shower, who wouldn’t be unhappy? It all begs the point, if being continually connected to a large group of people and having your life maximized for efficiency can’t deliver happiness, what’s missing? Some solo time, my friends.

Solo Road Trip

Tammie Dooley’s preferred mode of travel is on foot or by 4WD. All done solo, of course. Her blog is an attractively designed invitation to follow along on her journeys.

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