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Ploomer’s Plight

With no job, house, or car to speak of, Rich Plumadore took the plunge and headed out to travel around Indonesia (and beyond).

Do Solo Female Travellers have it Easier than Guys Travelling Alone?

It niggled at me in Morocco. It snapped at me in Hungary. It tore chunks out of me in Iran and by the time China came along I’d given up on noticing how solo women travelers seem to get away with more than solo men. But, having spent so much time in the Philippines traveling solo, it reared its head again when I bumped into Jodi, another solo traveler in the Philippines.

13 Tips on Planning Your Solo Road Trip

So you’re at least considering a solo road trip? Good! First, realize it’s not brain surgery. The logistics are simple, subjective, and subject to change – a beautiful thing. And keep in mind, SOLO road trips and road trips have little in common in the way of either experience or preparation.

Now that we’ve covered the touchy-feely side of solo travel, let’s talk about the practicalities, most of which revolve around safety. Until 2007 my solo road trips were taken in a 1994 Mazda MX-6. No 4-wheel drive, no GPS, no OnStar, no AAA membership, and just enough clearance to not be a turtle killer. And I had a fantastic time, no matter what happened, and a lot happened.

Nick’s Worldwide Wanderings

Nick Rennic is a young British guy on a leisurely journey through Asia with one simple purpose: to have his eyes opened even in the slightest.

Why You Should Go On A Solo Road Trip

In the United States, we’re a nation teetering on social burn-out. The multitude of devices designed to bind us together like links in a chain has made it difficult to go to the bathroom and be alone. Articles on efficiency are prolific: how to cut a minute off some task, make your morning shower more efficient, and speed up this or that. And yet I know more discontented people than ever. When the pundits start messing with your morning shower, who wouldn’t be unhappy? It all begs the point, if being continually connected to a large group of people and having your life maximized for efficiency can’t deliver happiness, what’s missing? Some solo time, my friends.

Solo Road Trip

Tammie Dooley’s preferred mode of travel is on foot or by 4WD. All done solo, of course. Her blog is an attractively designed invitation to follow along on her journeys.

The Loneliness of Living on the Road

After 9 years of continuously traveling the world, both with companions and alone, I know that to be able to completely live on the ends of your own intuition – perhaps a working definition of freedom – it helps to travel alone. But to travel alone means wooing the beasts of loneliness and solitude.

Dealing With Loneliness on the Road (Part 3)

“Humans are social creatures. We need each other, to interact, to communicate, to share. When you live on a sailboat for months or travel solo in a land that doesn’t speak your language, there are bound to be lonely times. It’s something we all deal with, and although each situation is different, there are a few lessons I’ve learned in my travels.”

Dealing with Loneliness on the Road (Part 2)

“How do you deal with loneliness on the road?

I remember wondering about this question myself; once. And then I noticed the guy sitting next to me on the plane was reading, “The Alchemist” and I said, “Hey! That’s my favorite book!” and he said, “Yea? It inspired me to make this solo adventure to Latin America, which I’m now kind of nervous about….” And that’s the thing about “loneliness” on the road; it dissipates as fast as you can write, “me too!” in the fog of your breath on the window plexiglas.”

Dealing with Loneliness on the Road (Part 1)

You’re on the other side of the world, taking in foreign sights and sounds, when it hits you: loneliness. It’s an emotion that most travellers have experienced at some point in their journeys – especially those who travel alone.

For this series of posts, I asked travel bloggers to share their experiences with loneliness on the road. Their advice is diverse, from tips on how to avoid loneliness altogether, to suggestions on what to do when you’re feeling blue.

  • The Guy: I think Dave and Jodi raise some very valid points and they are consistent with my perceptions based on over...
  • Jay Daviot: Epic list! There are some great blogs there. Would love to see a few more blogs from photographers though...
  • John: I’ve always wanted to hitch hike across the USA.
  • Sara Wikoff: I found your post very interesting. I am just a Freshman in college and I have not decided my major yet....
  • John: Great advice, I always buy charcoal tabs in case I get an upset tummy.
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