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The Beerman Chronicles

Beer. It’s a wonderful thing. But, this particular Brew Master – yes, Kris Kalav is a Brew Master in the work-a-day world – prefers rum, martinis or the occasional umbrella cocktail. He has recently begun blogging about his various travels and some very interesting encounters. Oh, beer will be mentioned at some point. Brew Master…

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The Wheat from the Chaff

The Travel Blog Exchange 2010 Conference (TBEX10) may have come and gone (in a blur), but it surely has not been forgotten. By deliberately waiting two weeks before sending out this discussion question, it gave everyone’s mind time to separate the “wheat from the chaff”.

Here’s what attendees had to say…

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Why Are They All Talking At Me? (The TBEX10 Experience – Day Two)

Morning Talk – Travel Porn: If that isn’t a title to start off a morning, not much else is… Gary Arndt (Everything-Everywhere) captivated the audience because he has presence, speaks dynamically and cuts to the chase. The true topic dealt with photography – the use of photos to increase traffic to your site. (It isn’t all about video – pictures have purpose.) Ultimately, the use of photographs allows your reader to travel to places they may never experience for themselves. It was equated to reading National Geographic: you buy it for the images first, the stories (behind those images) second.

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Why Are They All Talking At Me? (The TBEX10 Experience – Day One)

Pre-Conference Jitters: The end of June (June 26th & 27th, to be exact) had me quaking in my proverbial boots for a few weeks prior – mentally trying to digest what a conference dedicated to bloggers would actually entail. Though an editor and a blogger, I had not attended a function such as this in the past. I was filled with excitement and trepidation simultaneously. Listening to Hayes Carll’s “I Got A Gig” during the flight to NYC washed away all of the anxiety. I had a gig: Look, Listen & Learn. Period. I looked, I listened and I learned.

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New York City: Why Are We Here?!

Recently I, along with my husband and 298 or so others, attended the Travel Blog Exchange 2010 Conference (TBEX10) in New York City. I was advised to approach this gathering with an “open eyes, open ears and an open mind” philosophy. I hope I succeeded in heeding said words of wisdom. Though I have attended/presented at conferences ranging from 20 to 20,000 participants over the years, none have pertained to travel and/or the industry itself. So, for me, this one was unique, very informative, suffered a small case of the hiccups (from which there was recovery) and was ultimately a rather sizeable success in my mind.

  • The Guy: I think Dave and Jodi raise some very valid points and they are consistent with my perceptions based on over...
  • Jay Daviot: Epic list! There are some great blogs there. Would love to see a few more blogs from photographers though...
  • John: I’ve always wanted to hitch hike across the USA.
  • Sara Wikoff: I found your post very interesting. I am just a Freshman in college and I have not decided my major yet....
  • John: Great advice, I always buy charcoal tabs in case I get an upset tummy.
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